How To Do a Cleanse

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How to Do a Cleanse 

“If you don’t take care of this the most magnificent machine that you will ever be given…where are you going to live?”

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A cleanse is a holistic way of aligning yourself with a natural, healthy way of living. Often times, people limit a cleanse to eating and exercising, but if you want to know how to perform a cleanse, you must incorporate other aspects in order to be successful. The basis of a cleanse are as follows:

ADD (+): Quality nutrients coming from plant based sources, preferably raw

SUBTRACT (-) : Poor quality processed foods, fast food,  and sugary drinks, alcohol

Why should we cleanse?

I touched on this topic in a previous post, but I’ll cover some of this information again. The purpose of the cleanse is to CLEAN out harmful substances left in the body after toxicity and malnutrition.

  • Physical domain: clean up your car, living and kitchen areas so they make you feel good about yourself. Get rid of any excess trash, clothes, equipment, paperwork or decorations that do not align themselves with the new you. Take the time to do some deep spring cleaning such as washing walls, vacuuming,  and dusting.
  • Inner domain: Your inner domain basically means your body. Most people think of flushing toxins out their body when considering a cleanse. The important thing to remember is certain food are naturally great for flushing toxins. Foods high in chlorophyll and high moisture fruits make great cleansing agents. For more information on which foods to choose from, click here
  • Mental domain: Your mental domain includes the control panel that determines behavior. It is important to address past traumatic events, insecurities, and fears that inhibit your success. By addressing these mental obstacles, you automatically increase the chances of incorporating a healthy lifestyle long term because you no longer have barriers to success.  You must not underestimate your mind and its ability to produce whatever we think about.  For more information on the law of attraction and weight control, click here


Check back next week for a liver gallbladder cleanse. I’ve had a number of people try it and have great results in a small amount of time. Be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter


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